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Shrek the Third

By Katherine Kunn


Release date: May 18, 2007

MPAA Rated: PG for some crude humor, suggestive content, and swashbuckling action

Starring: Mike Myers (voice of Shrek), Eddie Murphy (voice of Donkey), Cameron Diaz (voice of Princess Fiona), Antonio Banderas (voice of Puss in Boots)

Genre: Comedy

Recommended age: 10 and up



Reproductive references to pregnancy and how pregnancy occurs (not graphic, cut short before Puss can explain how one gets pregnant), anatomical reference (Shrek references Merlin’s robe not fully covering his genitalia), implied nudity when Shrek is in bed, reference to “Hooters” the restaurant, and Cinderella’s two ugly step sisters actually being men dressed in drag.


Bladed weapons, fist fights, bar fight, general mayhem and destruction with reference to storming the kingdom of Far Far Away


One instance of “suck” with Donkey having a sign on his behind saying “I suck-eth”, one implied instance of a profanity when Puss in Boots says “You, my friend, are royally (horn blares so the profanity isn’t heard by the viewer)”


Due to the constant violence in this film, the over all rating is yellow.  The sexual references are obscure and may not be understood by children but are present nonetheless.


The third installment in the Shrek series, King Harold has fallen ill and wants Shrek and Princess Fiona to be his successors.  Shrek does not want to be king and when he learns that there is another heir, Arthur, he ventures out with his buddies Donkey and Puss in Boots to bring Arthur back to the kingdom Far Far Away.  As Shrek is leaving to find Arthur, Princess Fiona reveals to him that she is pregnant.  Throughout the voyage, Shrek has anxiety about having children and is afraid that he won’t be a good parent.


Little does Shrek know, Prince Charming is plotting to take over Far Far Away, claiming that he, not Shrek, should be the heir to the throne.  While Shrek is away searching for Arthur, Prince Charming rallies all the villains from various fairy tales to help him take over Far Far Away so that they can have their “happily ever after” ending.


Over all, Shrek the Third conveys a positive message about one’s self image and not listening to those who might taint that image.


There are occasional sexual references: when Shrek asks how Fiona could be pregnant, Puss in Boots proceeds to explain how a couple reproduces but Shrek cuts him short; when Shrek and his buddies meet Merlin he says “If Arty trusts him that’s good enough for me…even if his robe doesn’t cover his…(dialogue is cut short)”; one of the ugly stepsisters from Cinderella references Prince Charming saying “…but that Charming makes me hotter than July…”; Cinderella’s ugly step sisters are actually men dressed in drag; and when the villains take over Far Far Away they turn a boot store called “Ye Olde Bootery” to “Ye Olde Hooters” replacing the “B” with an “H” and the “Y” with an “S”.


Language is not a big problem with mild instances: one of Donkey having a sign taped to his behind that reads “I suck-eth” and one of when Shrek finds out that he is going to be a father, Puss in Boots says “You, my friend, are royally (horn blasts so the viewer cannot hear the end of the statement)”.


The movie is littered with violence: when Charming rallies the villains there is a scene of a bar fight; when Charming takes over the village there is general mayhem; when Shrek fights Charming at the end; and there are other small scenes of violence throughout the movie like Shrek choking Charming or Lancelot bullying Arthur for example.


While the movie is rated PG for some instances of crude humor, language, and violence, the overall message compels the PTC to recommend this movie for children ten and up.

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