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Cars 2

By Christopher Gildemeister

Release Date: June 24, 2011

MPAA rating: G

Starring: Voices of Dan Whitney (“Larry the Cable Guy”), Owen Wilson, Michael Caine, Eddie Izzard, and John Turturro

Recommended age: 3+

Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green


  Extremely mild innuendo


  Chases, crashes, explosions, automotive “torture”




Mild toilet humor


The talking, animated automobiles from Cars return, this time leaving Radiator Springs for a trip around the world. When Sir Axelrod organizes a world-wide Grand Prix race to promote his new biofuel Allinoil, Lightning is goaded into entering the race by the arrogant Italian racecar Francesco, and brings Tow Mater and the gang along as his pit crew. But far more is at stake than merely winning a race, as Mater learns when he gets mixed up with suave British spycar Finn McMissile, beautiful auto Holley Shiftwell, and a gang of “lemon” cars who want to destroy the race – and Mater and Lightning along with it…

This sequel to the tremendously popular Cars takes a new direction into the genre of spy fiction, with Cars 2 combining the racing and friendship themes of the original movie with a zany parody of James Bond movies. Finn and Mater are placed in some perilous situations, and many car chases, crashes, and explosions result. The villains at one point “torture” a car by crashing into it and pumping it full of unsafe fuel, in a comic take on similar scenes from spy films; but because all the characters in the movie are talking cartoon cars, even the youngest children are unlikely to be frightened by this. There is some very mild innuendo, such as a female car commenting on Francesco’s “nice wheels,” and some literal toilet humor during which a confused Mater confronts an automated (and automotive) “toilet” for cars, with humorous results. In the short feature which precedes Cars 2, two characters are shown kissing, and another character uses the word “poop.” 

Pixar, the company behind brilliant animated movies like Cars, Wall-E, and the Toy Story trilogy, this year celebrates its 25th year producing truly family-friendly fare. Cars 2 is another lustrous contribution to Pixar’s proud legacy; and the Parents Television Council is pleased to award it with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM. The PTC recommends this movie for all viewers over age three.


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