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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

By Christopher Gildemeister


Release Date: August 15, 2008

MPAA rating: PG for sci-fi action violence throughout, brief language and momentary smoking

Vocies: Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee and Anthony Daniels

Recommended age: 10+

Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Yellow



Brief suggestive dancing


Death depicted, guns, explosions, constant and massive battle scenes, minor torture, decapitation, fantasy violence  




Belching, disrespectful attitude by minor



Set in the period between the Star Wars prequel movies Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, the animated movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars features the wartime adventures of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Now a full-fledged Jedi Knight, Skywalker is given a difficult assignment: the evil Count Dooku has kidnapped the child of gangster Jabba the Hutt; while Obi-Wan tries to negotiate with Jabba, Skywalker must retrieve the baby Hutt, battle Dooku and his evil apprentice Ventriss…and deal with the cocky attitude of his own new apprentice, the beautiful padawan Ahsoka.


As a science-fiction film set during a war, Star Wars: The Clone Wars consists almost entirely of wild action-filled battle scenes. Though most of the film’s violence is of a fantasy nature, with battles with spaceships, robots, ray-guns, high-speed chases, massive explosions and lightsaber duels constituting the majority of the film’s action, there are a few scenes with somewhat stronger content. Throughout the movie many of the Jedi’s subordinate troopers are killed. Though no blood is shown, it is clear that these are living people who have been killed, with fellow soldiers calling out for medics. Some of the soldiers fall to their deaths, are shot down by robots or killed in explosions. One trooper is tortured and choked by Ventriss. The severed heads of several of Jabba’s bounty hunters are briefly seen.


There is little other content in The Clone Wars of concern to parents. A scantily-clad “dancing girl” in Jabba’s palace is briefly seen performing for the gangster. Jabba belches on several occasions, and Ahsoka’s attitude is cheeky, disrespectful and occasionally rude to her new master Anakin. Profanity in the film is limited to a single use of “damn,” along with alien “swear words” such as “poodoo.”


Several good values are emphasized throughout the film: Anakin’s reluctance to take on an apprentice slowly mellows into first grudging acceptance and finally an enthusiastic and protective concern for Ahsoka. Ahsoka, while maintaining a humorous banter, also learns to respect her new master. Both devote themselves to keeping the baby Hutt alive. And in the Star Wars tradition, The Clone Wars presents children with a traditional portrait of Good versus Evil, with heroes to root for and villains to hiss – though adults should be aware that anyone not thoroughly steeped in Star Wars lore will find the film nearly impossible to follow.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a fast-paced and action-packed film, though its hyperactive nature and a few violent scenes may make it inappropriate for younger children. The Parents Television Council does not recommend this movie for children under age 10.


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