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Journey to the Center of the Earth - 3D

By J. Byron Dean


Release Date: July 11, 2008

MPAA Rating: PG for intense adventure action and some scary moments

Starring: Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson, and Anita Briem

Recommended age: 7+

Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green




Kissing, very mild innuendo


Explosions, falling, chased by dinosaur, battle with carnivorous fish




Spitting, minor surly behavior by teen


Trevor Anderson is a professor of geology conducting an experiment to locate volcanic tunnels. Trevor’s work is inspired by his brother Max, a geologist who has been missing for a decade.  


When Trevor’s sister-in-law drops off her son, Sean, and a box of personal items belonging to her late husband, Trevor finds a much-used copy of Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Within its pages he finds his brother’s notes -- showing that the Verne’s story is fact and not fiction! Following in Max’s footsteps, Trevor and Sean go to Iceland, where they meet mountain guide Hannah, the daughter of a fellow scientist who also believed that Jules Verne’s book was truth. Together, the three set out on what will be the greatest journey of their lives!


Though Journey to the Center of the Earth is filled with thrills and adventure, actual violence in the movie is limited and very mild. Trevor sets off several explosions to break through rock layers. There are many instances of the characters climbing over crevasses and cliffs and falling great distances, though they always land safely. There is also a spectacular roller-coaster ride on a mine trolley. At one point Sean and Trevor are chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and they must also battle flying prehistoric fish with gigantic teeth, which they fend off with sticks. Hannah is attacked by a carnivorous plant. No blood is shed, and none of the characters are seriously injured.


There is very little other objectionable content in the movie. Attracted to Hannah, Sean at one point calls “dibs on the mountain guide,” and Hannah and Trevor share several close-mouthed kisses.  While climbing down a cliff, Trevor puns on the type of rock and humorously exclaims “Look at all this schist!” At the beginning of the film, Sean acts in a surly manner towards his uncle Trevor, but is soon won over as they bond when talking about his father. Trevor also “spits” right into the camera while brushing his teeth.


The film has a tremendous message of family, loyalty and dedication.  The love between Trevor and his brother is extended to the bond between uncle and nephew as the two work together to prove the truth of Max’s theories. The movie also offers an excellent role model for girls;  Hannah is shown throughout to be brave and competent, often saving the two men. The story also teaches that working together accomplishes much more than doing one’s “own thing,” as the three lend their own individual talents to make up a fantastic team.


With an involving, engaging and entertaining story and startling, state-of-art 3-D special effects, Journey to the Center of the Earth will grab and hold viewers.  The film is appropriate for children seven years and older, though parents should be aware that sensitive children of any age may be scared by some moments.


Because of its over-all wholesomeness and emphasis on family values, the Parents Television Council is proud to award Journey to the Center of the Earth - 3D with the PTC Entertainment Seal of Approval. Because of intense action sequences, the PTC does not recommend this film for children under the age of seven.



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