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Kung Fu Panda

By Christopher Gildemeister and Ashley Caputo


Release Date: June 6, 2008

MPAA rating: PG for sequences of martial arts action.  

Starring: voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Lucy Liu and Jackie Chan

Recommended age: 7+

Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green






Stylized kung fu fighting, weapons, slapstick violence, explosions


“suck,” “pee,” “idiot”




Po is a lazy panda who works at his father’s noodle shop. Po dreams of being a kung fu warrior, but lacks the necessary training and discipline to join his heroic idols the Furious Five. When Po is chosen to become the awesomely powerful “Dragon Warrior,” kung fu master Shifu and his other students are dismayed; but when faced with the task of protecting Happy Valley from the villainous Tai Lung, Po becomes a warrior -- and learns that anything is possible when you believe in yourself.


Kung Fu Panda contains a large amount of stylized animated kung fu fighting, with many scenes of the animal characters leaping, kicking and punching one another and various training devices. A few scenes show the characters using swords and similar weapons, but this action is never bloody. Po in particular is frequently hit during his martial arts training, especially by teacher Shifu who hits him with a staff in a comic manner, once between the legs. Buildings are destroyed by explosions during Tai Lung’s escape from prison and during fights later in the movie. The movie’s action is humorous and exciting, but may be too intense for very young children.


There is no profanity in Kung Fu Panda. The self-deprecating Po at one point says, “I sucked more than in the history of sucking,” and later remarks that he “has to pee.”  Po’s fellow students at first tease him behind his back for his clumsiness and lack of talent, but later become his fast friends. A frustrated master Shifu calls Po names such as “idiot,” and there are many jokes based on Po’s being overweight.


Kung Fu Panda is a tremendously upbeat, action-packed movie containing many important and positive messages: the importance of hard work and self-discipline, obedience to teachers and authority, love of family and friends, acceptance of those who are different, the importance of following one’s dreams, and – most of all – of believing in oneself. The film’s combination of action, comedy and positive messages make the film ideal for children – and will entertain the parents who see the movie with them.


Because of its high quality and its emphasis on family-friendly values, the Parents Television Council is proud to award Kung Fu Panda with the PTC Seal of ApprovalTM. The PTC recommends this move for children over age 5.


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