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Greek on ABC (9:00 pm ET)



Is a constant barrage of sexual content and sexual language appropriate for ten-year-olds?  Would it be appropriate to show a cell phone video message of two people having sex to a ten-year-old -- and then discuss how to post it on the internet?  Most parents would agree that this content is not appropriate for children, but apparently the entertainment industry believes otherwise.


The August 3rd episode of Greek was littered with sexual behavior and discussions that would be questionable even for a teen.  Aside from the cell phone sex video that is constantly discussed and frequently shown, sexual references are also a topic of discussion. Take this exchange between Casey and her ex-boyfriend Cappie:


Cappie: "Nothing starts the day off right like that first cup of Joe.  After all, your first is always the best, don’t you agree?  The one that's most special?"

Casey: "The one you can never avoid."

Cappie: "The one you can never forget."

Cappie is referring to the fact that he and Casey had their first sexual encounter together. But the scene gets worse.  One of Cappie’s fraternity brothers, nicknamed “The Beaver,” enters the conversation:


Beaver: "You guys are way too into your coffee. Pardon. I spy a tasty morning muffin."

[Beaver then walks over to Rebecca.]

Beaver: "Top of the morning, muffin."


What is the most offensive about this content is that both the term “beaver” and “muffin” are commonly used vulgar slang for a part of the female anatomy, and they are deliberately used to emphasize the sexual nature of the conversation.


Later in the show, Casey devises a plan to get the Kappa Taus extremely drunk so that they lose the floor hockey match against her boyfriend’s fraternity, the Omega Chis.  Casey announces to her sisters that her plan “guarantees that the Omega Chis win the game.  But it's not going to be easy.  It is going to require that you wear the sexiest, sluttiest, sweetest outfits you own."


The Zeta Beta Zeta sisters then dress up in skimpy outfits that emphasize their cleavage along with short skirts and go to the Kappa Tau house.  The Zeta sisters then proceed to flirt with the Kappa brothers and ply them with alcohol until they all pass out.


The rating of TV-PG SDL suggests that this kind of content is appropriate for children as long as there is parental guidance.  Does the entertainment industry really believe that constant sexual slang and dialogue, sex scenes, binge drinking, partying, and women using their sexuality to manipulate men is appropriate viewing for children?  The content in this past week’s episode of Greek warrants at least the TV-14 rating, if not the “S” and “D” descriptors in addition. If Greek’s content is only rated TV-PG SDL, one can only wonder what would warrant the TV-14 SDL rating.

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