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Gossip Girl

Rating: TV-14 DL

Network: CW



The CW network’s Gossip Girl has returned for its second season of teen-targeted raunch. In the episode airing on September 8th at 8:00 p.m. ET, Chuck continued in his pursuit of Blair while she dated British royalty; Nate continued “dating” older married woman Catherine; and Serena and Dan rekindled their sexual relationship -- though they could not decide if they wanted to resume actual dating. The episode was rated TV-14 DL.


The show opened with Serena and Dan waking up on the beach, apparently having “hooked up” the previous night, with Serena clad only in a bra. Later, on a bus back from the Hamptons to Manhattan, Serena pulls Dan into the bus bathroom, kissing him passionately and presumably proceeding to other sexual activities. The end of the episode, however, brings the truly appalling scene: Blair looks for her new boyfriend’s stepmother Catherine. Blair finds Catherine and teenager Nate on the floor, among discarded items of clothing. Catherine’s legs are wrapped around Nate’s body and they move against one anther as they kiss. As Catherine is about 40 years old and Nate is about to begin his senior year of high school, the (mostly teen) audience is exposed to a scene of statutory rape. In a world where all too many women teachers and other adult women have victimized teen boys, this scene is the nadir of bad taste.


Unfortunately, parents were unable to keep their own teenagers from watching this program. The number and nature of sexual scenes in this episode certainly warranted an ‘S’ descriptor in the rating, and a proper rating would have been TV-14 DLS; but without the appropriate descriptors and rating, the V-Chip was unable to block this program.


If you agree that this program was inadequately rated, please write to the TV ratings advisory board at tvomb@usa.net and let them know that the TV ratings once again failed to adequately warn parents about inappropriate content.


For more information about the TV ratings, please visit http://www.tvguidelines.org/contact.asp.

So You Think You Can Rate a TV Show

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