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Violent Video Game Campaign

Are you worried about the increasingly violent and graphic content in video games?


What type of content do your children's games contain? Look Up the Rating for a Particular Game at ESRB.org OR call the ESRB's Ratings Hotline at 1-800-771-ESRB (3772)


Featured PTC video game reviews are provided by gamecritics.com. You can trust PTC entertainment reviews to guide you through the process of selecting appropriate entertainment for you and your family. Armed with the information contained in these reviews parents can be the final arbiter of what they or their family sees. Video games, Movies, DVDs and television programs that meet our criteria will also be eligible to win our PTC Seal of Approval.


Below is a list of our featured video game reviews. Click on the link for the full review from gamecritics.com.


World of Warcraft is incredibly fun to play and spectacular in terms of its graphic beauty and creativity. However, parents need to be aware that the game requires adult involvement to be a positive and safe experience for their teens: there is a fair amount of violence-some of it bloody, references to alcohol, and occasionally a subtle sexual innuendo. Most importantly, parents need to be aware that this game is conducted entirely online and may regularly involve chatting with other unknown players. However, if properly managed, the game can be a positive and fun experience for older players. Best for ages: 15+.

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Destroy All Humans! ESRB Rating: teen (13+) Language, Sexual themes, Violence

Parents should be a little concerned. While the game doesn't feature any blood, it's primarily concerned with the wholesale slaughter of innocent human beings, and the endless gay jokes quickly wear thin.

Read the Full Review at Gamecritics.com

Lego Star Wars: the Video Game there's something about legos. Even adults (myself included) would be hard pressed to turn down a free lego set without putting it together at least once. Knowing that, Eidos and Lucasarts along with Lego have created Lego Star Wars: the Video Game. the idea seems simple, and somewhat obvious, but this is the first time that the lego license and the Star Wars license have been combined into video game form. the result is quite possibly the best Star Wars game in recent memory, and a game that is perfectly suited to all ages.

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Confession: this Video Game Was FUN! the multi-player function of Mario Party 6 truly made for a human-to-human experience. My daughter, who did finish last, still wanted to continue playing–even though she typically isn't all that comfortable with technology. Certainly, this wasn't going to train her to build spreadsheets for a multi-national corporation, but it at least gave her familiarity with pushing buttons in various sequences. Perhaps it's a rudimentary skill, but one that's all too necessary in our electronic age.

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God of War (Playstation 2) - Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Strong Language, Sexual themes

Parents should be aware that this game is not for children under any circumstances. the violence is extremely brutal and graphic, featuring many different kinds of fatalities and explicit slaughter. there are also several instances of topless or nearly topless women, although the sexual situations listed on the box's ESRB warning only occurred one time, (and were very low key, without anything graphic). I did not notice any strong language during the game itself, but in the commentaries given by the developers afterwards there were a few expletives used. this game is obviously aimed at an older audience, so do not make the mistake of getting it for younger children or those who might be sensitive to such content.
Read the Full Review at Gamecritics.com

Halo 2

Best for ages: 18+
Playability: Excellent
Graphics: Excellent
Entertainment value: Moderate
Educational value: None
Reading Level: 5+

Ages 3-7: Red
Ages 8-12: Red
Ages 13-17: Red
Violence Amount: Red
Fear: Red
Illegal/harmful: Green
Language: Yellow
Nudity: Green
Sex: Green

the battles are vicious, deadly and expansive. Players can snipe at enemies, toss grenades, blaze away with duel sub-machine guns or even use a high-powered energy sword to decimate their foe. Blood is prevalent through much of the game-although it should be mentioned that the covenant's blood tends to look like bright colored paint. Human blood looks exactly like that-human blood, and stains the pavement after a marine is shot down.

Some of the cut scenes also contain material that would be inappropriate for younger players-for example the arbiter is tortured before being sent on his mission. In addition, parents can expect to find a sprinkling of minor curse words throughout the game-primarily in the animated cut scenes that tell the story.
read the full review at the National Institute on Media and the Family

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ATV Offroad Fury 3
Playstation 2
ESRB Rating: 
Everyone - Mild Lyrics

Content Review: Parents have nothing to worry about with this title…except that maybe their kids will think crashing AtVs is actually cooler than riding them. Other than that, this is good clean racing fun. Rating: 7.0

read the full review at gamecritics.com
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Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Game Boy Advanced
ESRB Rating: 
 Everyone - Mild Cartoon violence

Content Review: Being a treasure-developed game, the level of on-screen chaos rarely lets up, but Parents can be assured that any violent content never extends beyond the garish flashes and splashes of colour that accompany each successful attack. With a more-than-generous 'Easy' mode available to soften the game's considerable challenge, the only parental concern ought to be whether younger children will understand the convoluted, repeating narrative. Rating: 8.5

read the full review at gamecritics.com
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Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Game Boy Advanced
ESRB Rating:  

Content Review: It seems somewhat redundant to explain that Nintendo's latest Mario release contains nothing even remotely worthy of parental caution. Perhaps it is more worthwhile to point out that older gamers may well feel a little suffocated and excluded by the game's almost oppressive degree of cutesiness.  Rating: 8.5

read the full review at gamecritics.com
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Sly 2: Band of thieves
ESRB Rating:  
Everyone - Cartoon Violence

Content Review:
Parents can rest assured that this game includes no more violence than a cartoon, and probably less than some of those. think of classic Warner Bros. to get an idea of how this game plays.
Rating: 9.0

read the full review at gamecritics.com
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Burnout 3 takedown
PS2 and Xbox
ESRB Rating:  
teen (13+) Violence
Content Review:
the crashes are certainly violent, but remain cartoonish enough to make younger children realize that this is all fictional. Parents are mildly cautioned. the lightning-quick reflexes required during the later races might be enough to turn off more casual gamers. Rating: 9.0

read the full review at gamecritics.com
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ESRB Rating: 
Mature (17+) Violence, Blood, Strong Language, Sexual themes

Parents should be careful about this game-it seems harmless at first glance (especially when looking at the cover art), but actually contains references to alcoholism, sex, and homosexuality, as well as a whole lot of beheadings. Peculiarly, most of the questionable material could have been easily removed, leaving a t-rated game. Apparently someone thought an M was more marketable. Rating: 4.0
read the full review at gamecritics.com

Parents Television Council Video Game Reviews

Click here to see a list of Mature games to watch out for

Video game reviews from mediafamily.org

  1. Empire Earth 2

  2. Pariah

  3. Psychonauts

  4. Unreal Championship: the Liandri Conflict

  5. Star Wars: Republic Commando

  6. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

  7. World of Warcraft

  8. StarFox Assault

  9. MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf

  10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: the Sith Lords

  11. Mortal Kombat: Deception

  12. PSI OPS: the Mindgate Conspiracy

  13. Halo 2

  14. Grand theft Auto: San Andreas

  15. Doom3

  16. Drive3r

  17. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  18. Halo: Combat Evolved

  19. Resident Evil: Outbreak

  20. Battlefield Vietnam

  21. Max Payne 2: the Fall of Max Payne

  22. Manhunt

  23. Viewtiful Joe

  24. Prince of Persia

  25. SSX 3

  26. Enter the Matrix

  27. Diablo II/Diablo II Expansion

  28. SimCity 4

  29. NBA Street Vol. 2

  30. Rise of Nations

  31. Zelda: the Windwaker

Game Lists:
Parent Alert! Games to avoid for your children and teens
1. Doom 3
2. Grand theft Auto: San Andreas
3. Half Life 2
4. Halo 2
5. Resident Evil: Outbreak
6. Psi Ops: the Mindgate Conspiracy
7. the Guy Game
8. Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude
9. Mortal Kombat Deception
10. Rumble Roses
MediaWise Recommended Games for children and teens
1. ESPN NFL 2 K5
2. Pikmin 2
3. Sly 2: Band of thieves
4. Karaoke Revolution Volume 3
5. Madden NFL 2005
6. Jak 3
7. Prince of Persia - Sands of time
8. Myst IV: Revelation
9. RollerCoaster tycoon 3
10. SimCity 4

Video Game/Software Reviews from ChildrensSoftware.com and ReviewCorner.com

Video Games (PS - Sony Playstation, PS2 - Sony Playstation 2, GBC - Nintendo Game Boy Color, GBA - Nintendo Game boy advanced, GC - Nintendo Gamecube, N64 - Nintendo 64, Xbox - Microsoft X-Box)

Software (PC and Mac)

top 15 E-Rated Video Games of 2003

1. Madden NFL 2004 - Playstation 2
2. Pokemon Ruby - Game Boy Advance
3. Pokemon Sapphire - Playstation 2
4. Need for Speed: Underground - Playstation 2
5. Zelda: the Windwalker - Nintendo G
6. Mario Kart: Double Dash - Nintendo G
8. NCAA Football 2004 - Playstation 2
9. NBA Live 2004 - Playstation 2
10. NBA Street Volume 2 - Playstation 2
11. Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Game Boy Advance
12. Simcity 4 - Computer
13. Zoo tycoon - Computer

14. Roller Coaster tycoon 2 - Computer

15. Flight Simulator 2004 - Computer

Other Recommended games

Chessmaster - PC, PS2
Risk - PC, PS2
Mario Sunshine - GC
I Spy Challenger (Ages 6-11) - GBA
Spiderman: the Movie  - Xbox, PS2, GC, PC, GBA
Dance Dance Revolution Konamix - PS
Roller Coaster tycoon 2 - PC
Backyard Basketball, Hockey, Football, Baseball - PC
Pajama Sam 3 - PC
Sponge Bob Square Pants: Operation Krabby Patty - PC
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone - PC
Disney's Lilo & Stitch - PS, GBA
Mario Kart 64 - N64
Donkey Kong 64 - N64
Rayman 2: Revolution -PS2
Monsters, Inc. - PS2

PS - Sony Playstation, PS2 - Sony Playstation 2, GBC - Nintendo Game Boy Color, GBA - Nintendo Game boy advanced, GC - Nintendo Gamecube, N64 - Nintendo 64, Xbox - Microsoft X-Box, PC - Personal Computer.



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