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Dear Mr. Stankey:

Do you think America’s parents, grandparents, and other decent citizens are fools? We’re not. We know that AT&T’s recent corporate restructuring does nothing to excuse you personally, your board members, and your investors from funding hardcore porn and child-themed porn that wrecks families. I’m standing with the Parents Television and Media Council (PTC) to make sure your investors, law enforcement, Congress, and the public know AT&T is peddling porn. AT&T still controls a majority interest in Warner Media’s HBO and Discovery+. HBO streams Euphoria, a series sexualizing teens and depicting—without disapproval—the full frontally nude rape of a minor, violent sex with choking, penises fully visible, and other nonstop sex and drug abuse. Research shows that such scenes prompt teens to think this is normal behavior and pedophiles to desire children. Meanwhile, AT&T continues to own 70% of DirecTV, which airs hardcore porn – some of it with incestuous themes among family members – that is destroying families and American society. Because I’m not fooled, I’m standing with PTC to demand you stop funding this poison. If you don’t, I’ll continue to help PTC bring this matter before authorities, investors, and the public.

With great concern,
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