A&E to Promote Adultery (Again!) on New TV Show

Written by PTC | Published April 30, 2015

FYI-1008x515 As reported today at Breitbart News, “A&E’s fyi channel has just announced something called ‘Seven Year Switch,’ the premise of which is that couples get bored, sexually and otherwise, seven years into their marriage and need a change.” You can read the full story here: A&E Greenlights Wife-Swapping Show – And Yes, the Switched Couples Will Sleep Together. Parents Television Council National Grassroots Director Melissa Henson was quoted in the story, saying: “Clearly this is a horrible idea, a horrible premise, but very much keeping with trend. A&E had a show called ‘Neighbors with Benefits,’ about swinging couples, that folded after a few episodes. And now they are trying it again.” Breitbart News also points out that Americans mostly look down on adultery, citing Gallup’s 2013 annual values survey, in which “only 6% said adultery was morally acceptable.” Perhaps “Seven Year Switch” will go the way of “Neighbors with Benefits,” but we can’t help but think this show is yet another reason to not give up the fight for Cable Choice – the ability for all cable consumers to have the ability to choose and pay for only the cable networks they want. It’s time for families to be able to send a clear message to cable networks like A&E that they do not want TV shows promoting adultery (and thereby normalizing that behavior) coming into their homes. If you agree, you can contact A&E here. We believe that it’s not enough to just “change the channel,” as some people are apt to say. Families are tired of having to pay for disturbing and harmful cable TV shows and networks just in order to have access to content that they do want for their families, such as on the Disney Channel, or Hallmark. Adultery is nothing to celebrate, nor something that warrants a spot on TV to edify the gawking masses.

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