A Father’s Day Tribute

Written by PTC | Published June 18, 2015

fathersday2015In honor of Father’s Day, Minute Maid, a subsidiary to Coca-Cola, made a commercial reminding fathers that “you’re doing better than you think.” The commercial, just short of three minutes, shows a single father speaking on his doubts of how he’s doing as a parent. He then reads a letter from his son that changes his mind. Though his teenage son doesn’t come to him for everything, and though he has to hear about his son having a girlfriend from other people, in the letter, his son tells him, “thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” and goes on to explain what his father has taught him. He ends the letter saying, “you will always be the #1 dad in the world.” To all the fathers out there, keep up the good work. You’re doing better than you think. Happy Father’s Day!

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