ABC Pushing Profanity in New Online Shows

Written by PTC | Published July 22, 2016

abclogo Intended for smartphones, these unfiltered programs pull no punches on language. Recently, ABC launched a new line of five- to seven-minute long TV shows, available on the internet and intended to be watched on smartphones. But the Disney-owned network’s new programs show a distinct lack of concern for the many young viewers who may be watching. “‘You f***ed us, Ty Burrell!’ is the opening line of the first episode of Boondoggle — and the f-bomb isn’t bleeped out. In case you missed it, the line gets repeated a few minutes later,” notes media website ReCode. The entertainment industry’s usual response to parental concerns has been to say “use the V-Chip” or “do your job and be a parent.” But smartphones don’t have a V-Chip; and of course parents are totally unable to be with their children every second of every minute of every day, looking over their shoulders and seeing what they watch on their phone. By producing profanity-soaked content and dumping it on the web unfiltered, Disney is acting irresponsibly toward the millions of teens and children who use smartphones.

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