America Speaks Out Against Sex Box

Written by PTC | Published February 18, 2015

Thousands of Americans are offended at having to pay for WE TV’s upcoming show Sex Box – and the PTC has the comments from the public to prove it.

WE TV’s claim to the contrary, parents and families don’t have to watch Sex Box to know that it isn’t something they want coming into their homes. But maybe WE TV should listen to the voices of the American cable and satellite subscribers FORCED to pay for Sex Box against their will. To make this easier for WE, the PTC offers some comments made by signers of our PETITION TO STOP SEX BOX. The PTC didn’t solicit these comments; we merely offered the American people an opportunity to sign a petition. But when they signed, over 5000 people independently chose to make their feelings about Sex Box known. Here is a small selection of comments from voices the WE network (and the rest of the entertainment industry) isn’t listening to: the American people. **************** America Speaks outIt’s not necessary to see couples have sex to discuss their intimacy issues. This is just a ploy to get people to tune in merely to boost ratings. We don't need more trash reality TV to feed our minds about what is wrong with people. Why not a show that brings out what is right about people? A show about what people are doing right to make a relationship work? Wouldn't that be more beneficial in teaching others about intimacy issues? A new low for television! Programming like this says, "We have no good ideas, so we'll just pander to the base element." Pathetic. Any advertiser that supports this type of program should be exposed and boycotted. Businesses need to be aware and responsible for what their advertising dollars are promoting. I have previously cancelled HBO for displaying content not in the best interest for the public. If this type of programming permeates cable TV I will cancel all services. I see no entertainment, social or educational value in this show. Cable and satellite providers hold their subscribers hostage regarding QUALITY programming, but allow this trash without hesitation. Does WE understand that probably 99% of Americans do not want this on their TV? And we certainly don’t want to PAY for it! Don't we have enough trash on TV? How about investing in more shows that are educational, family friendly, teach lessons, etc. Quit adding more and more crap. This is just sickening. Everything on TV is sex. Give us a break! We're smarter than that. Give us something interesting and informative. I'm sick of all these stupid shows. I don't need to see more sex. Who cares what happens in the box? Enough is enough! If people want this type of pornography they can go to pay-per-view TV or buy it from a store. Children do not need to be potentially desensitized to this perversion because it may be available at someone else's home. Even if this show is not broadcast during regular family TV hours, I have no doubt that the commercials for the show will be seen by minors. “Evil sneaks in like a whisper” -- but this one came in screaming! Sex is a private thing between consenting adults. Keep it in the bedroom! A country without a moral compass is headed for disaster. Have we learned nothing from history? Can you say Caesar's Rome? We have come to the “bread and circuses” period, where we have to distract the populace from our real problems. How low does WE TV have to go to get viewers? I can't believe we even have to protest this. What's next? “Mutilation and Abuse Box?” When do the snuff shows start? -I don't have the words to explain how violated this trash makes me feel. Just the commercials and title alone are inappropriate for basic cable. I should not have to explain to my children what “Sex Box” means! I find this extremely disgusting. My cable company is removing one faith-based television network after another off the basic tier. They have already removed a teen program of TBN and are in the process of removing Smile of a Child from their lineup amid many protests. But we’re forced to pay for WE TV and “Sex Box!” I know that the entertainment industry is always trying to "push the envelope,” but this show has hit bottom. At a time when good wholesome movies have proven there is a large audience, why not move in that direction? I stopped watching WE because the commercials are gross. I hate to think how foul the show will be. I think this show “Sex Box” is absolutely outrageous and disgusting. Is there nothing media won't do? As a doctor, I treat sexually-transmitted infections and undesired pregnancies. I see the lifelong emotional injuries, including future problems with intimacy, from treating sex like a post-it note, moving around from partner to partner. Sex is too special to turn it into pornographic reality TV. This should be removed from basic cable immediately, and TV should strongly consider not showing anything that feeds pornography addictions -- unless they want viewers to pay doctor and counseling bills in the future. I will get rid of cable if this show airs. I work with women every day who struggle with self-esteem issues. Garbage TV like this only feeds the negativity that’s all around them. CANCEL THIS SHOW! If anyone had told me of this show, I would not have believed them. I really couldn't believe the ad I saw for this disgusting program. Have TV producers completely lost all sense of decency? To say nothing of the networks, advertisers and cable providers. If people want this type of programming, it should only be available on-demand by subscription. I will not pay for this with my basic channels. If you're discussing your sex life in front of an audience, and then having sex on live TV, yes, you probably will have "intimacy issues." Do you see the contradiction? America deserves better! I'm as liberal as it gets. I'm an adult and I can decide for myself what I want to watch. But that said, the folks at WE need to look at themselves in the mirror and honestly ask if putting a show like “Sex Box” on the air is something they are proud of. Is it something their parents would be proud their child was doing? Is it something they'd want their own kids to watch? It's shows like this that are driving more and more people away from cable TV. I'm sure the folks at WE TV make nice salaries. But the money is far outweighed by the souls they’ve sold out. I'm disgusted and deeply outraged that such filth could be aired on television! Sex is a sacred bond and covenant between a husband and wife. It was never meant to be recorded and put up for all the world to see! We have enough marriages being destroyed by porn addiction and we continue adding to the problem with despicable shows like “Sex Box”!!! I'm tired of having to turn off my TV every time my kids walk into the room. Is it any wonder that so many people reject most of what's on television these days? To those who are responsible for programs such as “Sex Box.” Is this the highest and best version of who you are? As a writer, editor or producer, surely you can do better. Please aim higher. It's way past time for us to be able to pay only for what we want to watch. Why can't we get good programming? Past years had many outstanding programs, every day. Nothing but sex and violence now. I've never been so disappointed! What could possibly be next? Sex with children or animals on TV? Keep sex in the bedroom where it belongs! Our kids don't have a chance! Everywhere there is something to take away their innocence. It would be fantastic if we could purchase only the channels we wanted. People already have to deal with all the erectile dysfunction commercials, and all the disgraceful shows that are on, and now this. What do people tell their kids when these commercials come on, even if they don't watch the shows? People who want to bring this show into their homes have a right to do that, but I have a right not to subsidize it. NO TO “SEX BOX”! Who would sponsor something like this? There is not a single person who believes that this is a serious health or psychological show. No doctor with any credentials would say that it makes sense to "evaluate" a couple's relationship based on having sex in front of an audience, and under the associated pressures. No, this is all for the "shock value". And it does NOT need to be on a Basic Cable offering! This is the final straw on why we need cable choice. I’m tired of this kind of garbage on TV. Parents are blamed for letting kids watch it, even when parents say “no” and the kids sneak and watch it. So we put a block on the channel, and the kids find a way around it. And people are still saying, “parents, do your job!” It’s almost impossible to “do your job” with this kind of programming on. Hey, networks – how about working WITH parents, instead of against us? How about HELPING us protect our kids, instead of corrupting them? We’re trying to prevent sex crimes on campus, in the military, child molestation, human trafficking…and TV gives us this. This is why younger viewers are cutting the cord. TV is really going downhill. When I get my own place I will not have cable or a dish, just a TV with a DVD player for quality movies. I will not be wasting money every month for a bunch of garbage. I’m a 23 year old who was born in the wrong generation. Unacceptable! There are porn channels and porn websites galore for people who want this kind of thing. We don't need to be force-fed this stuff on regular cable TV too! WE TV should adopt a new slogan: “Programming for Peeping Toms.” In a corporate or government environment, discussing this show would be considered harassment and require sensitivity training. And I thought Jerry Springer was bad. Exhibit A for why we should not be required to pay for channels we don't want to receive. With two working parents in most homes, children and teens ARE going to be exposed to shows like “Sex Box”. Bad for the kids, bad for the teens, and bad for their future. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people went into a “Bible Box” instead of a “Sex Box” for an hour, then discussed their findings with a Biblical expert? How come cable networks don’t put THAT on TV? Thank you PTC for your vigilance in combating such abuses that expose families to offensive content and require us to pay for it by our provider. ********************* And there’s more where that came from. A LOT more! Critics of the PTC love to claim that we’re “imposing our values” on the rest of the country. But the truth is, the PTC gives a voice to the millions of Americans who don’t like Hollywood imposing IT’S values on the entire country -- and forcing people to PAY for channels they never watch and don’t want. Wouldn’t it be nice if WE TV’s bosses would listen to the people who pay the network’s bills – and their salaries? To allow WE TV to hear YOUR voice against Sex Box, click here.

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