America Wants More "Sound of Music" - Less "Bangerz"

Written by PTC | Published July 7, 2014

The Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour aired on NBC last night, and perhaps not surprisingly, the viewing public yawned. In fact, the s nbclogopecial had fewer viewers than any other show in its timeslot. There are likely a number of reasons for the low rating of the show, but there’s little question that much of the problem stemmed from parental awareness of what Ms. Cyrus’ concern material typically includes, and we are proud to have done our part to educate parents and families before the airing of this program. The PTC issued a statement about the program and NBC’s decision making today. It is posted below:
“The ‘Bangerz’ broadcast earned a fraction of a fraction of the audience garnered by NBC’s airing of ‘ Sound of Music’ last December. NBC and the other broadcast networks should see what is so plainly before them: high-quality family-friendly fare delivers the biggest and best audience for their advertisers,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “Having warned NBC ahead of time to rate this TV special appropriately, we believe the network did a fair job of keeping the most graphic content off the air. But even with their heavy editing of the most explicit material that is reportedly part of Ms. Cyrus’ live concerts , many of the overarching and graphic themes remained, and clearly they were too much for a broadcast network during primetime. Based on the weak overnight ratings, we are heartened that the family audiences who gave Ms. Cyrus her career heeded our call and tuned out. ”

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