Bad Teacher is Bad TV

Written by PTC | Published May 8, 2014

BadTeacherBased on the 2011 R-Rated movie starring Cameron Diaz, Bad Teacher is TV’s latest bad sitcom. Airing at 9:30 Eastern and Pacific (only 8:30 Central and Mountain), the premise is that Meredith, an attractive and self-centered woman was recently dumped by her rich husband, so she fakes a resume to get a job teaching at a middle school in an affluent neighborhood where she hopes to find a wealthy divorced dad who will make her his new trophy wife. What makes her a bad teacher? She uses foul language in the class room, and makes sexually suggestive remarks in the presence of the children. In her classroom, she plays a song that includes the lyric “Bitches ain’t nothing but hos and tricks.” When some boys start repeating the lyric in the lunchroom, Meredith tries to redeem herself by saying, “Kids, that song isn’t right, because bitches can be anything they want. Bitches can be doctors. Bitches can be astronauts. Bitches can even be President of the United States.” Cue the "More You Know" PSA music. She bullies the mean girl clique – who are, afterall, still children and in her charge -- calling them “water bra” and “panty lines,” she humiliates a student in front of her class as revenge because the girl didn’t want her to date her father, then further embarrasses the girl for not yet having developed breasts. During the most recent episode, one of Meredith’s students points out “Million Dollar Mike,” a local real estate tycoon, and says his face is all over billboards and benches around town. Meredith says, “I’ve sat on his face like a million times.” The CBS website describes Meredith as "hot," "fearless," "unapologetic," "quick thinking," and concludes their analysis of her, saying "Meredith may be the worst teacher ever, but she's the only one qualified to impart much-needed life lessons to Lily and her friends, while she keeps an eye out for husband #2,” which clearly implies that they admire this “Bad Teacher” and approve of her teaching methods, which makes Bad Teacher not just bad TV, but proof of CBS’s bad judgment.

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