Baseball Drama Hits the Right Pitch

Written by PTC | Published September 9, 2016

pitch An inspirational family drama with realistically sharp language. From early childhood, Ginny Baker’s father drilled her in pitching, pushing her to achieve greatness. And Ginny has – becoming the first female pitcher in major league baseball, opening for the San Diego Padres. Many are firmly in her corner: teammate Blip, who played with Ginny in the minors, and his wife Evelyn; Ginny’s obnoxious agent Amelia; and millions of women and girls who look up to her as an idol. Others are skeptical, but willing to give Ginny a chance, like manager Al and the Padre’s star player and team captain, Mike Lawson. But Ginny also faces challenges: the opposition of chauvinists, other players jealous of her talent, and – perhaps most of all – her own shaky self-confidence. As the pressures of major league baseball mount, will Ginny be able to keep her place on the team? Pitch is a delightfully well-crafted program with an upbeat, family-friendly premise. Girls in particular can draw inspiration from the character of Ginny and the way she overcomes obstacles ranging from sexism to self-doubt through determination and the help of her friends; and boys, too, can root for the underdog lead character winning through. In a Paley Center panel, even the first episode’s director, Paris Barclay, sang the praises of the show’s premise: “I’ve been aching to have a show I can watch with my family, and now there is one,” he said. The first episode does feature lengthy dialogue about Lawson’s on-field habit as an “ass-slapper,” as well as some other profanities. There is also some sexual innuendo, such as when Evelyn asks Ginny if she showers with her teammates: “Do you get to see their junk?” While realistic for a ball club, parents might consider the salty language on the show inappropriate for young children; but for teens and adults, the program is an involving family drama with a powerful message that girls can do anything. Pitch premieres Thursday, September 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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