Best of the Week The Biggest Loser

Written by PTC | Published February 21, 2013

The Biggest Lower of NBC It’s late February, and what better motivation to continue a weight-loss resolution than watching an episode of The Biggest Loser on NBC. The show was broadcast on Monday, February 18 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) and portrayed the struggles that one must overcome to lead a healthier lifestyle. This season, the show tackled the issue of childhood obesity, and has been given the honor of Best TV Show of the Week. Host Alison Sweeney informed remaining contestants, Francelina, Jeff, Joe, Gina, Danni, Jackson, and Alex of the possibility of winning group immunity for the week should they, as a team, lose 70 lbs. at the weigh-in. In an effort to address childhood obesity, kid ambassadors were introduced in the show and were represented by Sunny, Biingo, and Lindsay who were determined to tackle their own weight issues. They could help reduce the adult contestants’ 70 lbs. goal if they could answer a quiz on nutrition and beat a physical test they had done earlier in the season. The kids were successful and reduced the week’s goal weight to 61 lbs. The week’s physical challenge was for the contestants to work together. Should they successfully complete the sand dune course within the time, they could reduce the weight-loss goal by 10 lbs. Half the contestants tackled a sand dune digging feverishly, as the other half tackled another one. It was an exhausting challenge, but the contestants successfully reached the flag. Gina fell while carrying the flag, hurting her leg, but Joe picked her up and they continued on. As a team, they were able to raise the flag within the allotted time. The week’s weight-loss goal was now 51 lbs. With the problems between Gina and Joe, and Alex and Jillian, the trainers had the contestants perform a trust exercise that required communication, balance, coordination, and teamwork. Each person was paired with a partner as they faced each other and held hands while balancing and walking across a wire several feet up in the air. All the pairs did well, including Gina and Joe. They were able to cross the wires by trusting and relying on each other. It was now time for the week’s weigh-in. Danni had met her goal for the week, but the same couldn’t be said for the rest of the group. In fact, Alex lost 3 lbs. and was hoping to lose 6 lbs. For Alex, she expected disappointment, something she’s been accustomed to all her life. Bob became disturbed over her defeatist attitude. He wanted her to expect greatness. As the rest of the contestants continued to weigh in, it became apparent that they weren’t going to meet the goal weight of 51 lbs. Now, the contestant who lost the least percentage of body weight would be sent home. It came down to Jeff and Francelina. Francelina missed her weight-loss goal by one pound. Though she would’ve loved to stay, she realized that she’s made emotional strides and would continue to practice what she had learned on nutrition and exercise from being on the show. Francelina was excited about her future. She had lost 77 pounds since starting the show and gained the confidence to prepare and apply for medical school. Losing weight is not easy for an adult or a child. Any effort to lead a healthier life is an accomplishment in itself, whether it’s taking daily walks with the family or shopping together at the grocery store and selecting better food options. Though it is one person losing the weight, he or she gains the confidence to live a better life knowing that there are family and friends who support and love them through the journey. That is why The Biggest Loser has been honored as Best TV Show of the Week. ---------------------------- Wal-Mart sponsored this program. To contact them, click here.

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