Biggest Cable Ratings of 2013 is....

Written by PTC | Published March 9, 2013

The Bible, History Channel’s new mini-series which is airing every Sunday night in March, has proven to be a smashing success, gaining one of the largest viewership numbers of any cable program premiere. The first two episodes last Sunday night drew nearly 15 million viewers – a number far outstripping that of other supposed cable “successes” like the ultra-violent and gory The Walking Dead. Hollywood’s trade press was flabbergasted at the news that that The Bible had outdrawn all of the entertainment industry’s usual sex-slathered, hyper-violent, and profane “serious dramas.” But this stands as proof positive of what survey after survey have said time and again: the vast majority of viewers want family-friendly programs they can watch with their children. When will Hollywood start providing it?

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