Brits Blast Raunchy “Talent” Show

Written by PTC | Published May 30, 2013

Americans tend to think of the British as genteel and proper; but TV networks in the UK are just as dedicated to pushing questionable content on families as American ones…as viewers of that country’s Britain’s Got Talent learned recently. A hyper-sexualized song-and-dance performance by J-Lo didn’t go over well with family audiences of the British talent show. After Jennifer Lopez appeared in black leather thigh boots and a tiny black leotard which bared her rear cheeks and nearly her entire crotch, she cavorted around the stage and plunged to her knees, spreading her legs. This was too much for British viewers. Like NBC’s America’s Got Talent, the British version airs earlier in the evening and is considered a “family” show. Outraged viewers took to social media to blast the singer for her sexploitative conduct. Typical comments included: “Rubber underwear and thigh boots? Yeah, that’s great ‘family’ viewing.” “What kind of role model are you being for the young girls watching?” “Put some clothes on. Keep your bits to yourself.” “Only thing missing was the pole.” Unfortunately, the ITV1 network showed it is every bit as sensitive to viewer opinion as the American networks. Faced with viewer outrage, a network spokesman stonewalled, “We do not believe that Jennifer Lopez's performance would have exceeded the expectations of the vast majority of the audience.” (At least they didn’t say, ‘if you don’t like it, change the channel.’) Worst of all were the judges’ reactions. Simon Cowell applauded J-Lo for “showing how it’s done,” while another judge opined, “J-Lo's a**... I just wanted to bite it!” And to think: the British show doesn’t even have Howard Stern as a judge.

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