Carl's Jr. Discovers Sex Doesn't Sell

Written by PTC | Published April 1, 2015

2015CarlsJrViewers are growing disenchanted with the fast-food chain's racy ads. For over a decade, CKE, Inc. – owner of fast-food chains Carl's Jr. and Hardees – has delighted in showing racy commercials featuring nearly (or, as in this year’s Super Bowl, fully) naked women and sexual imagery and language, out of the tired belief that “sex sells.” But the old adage is wrong. According to Advertising Age, Americans are increasingly sick and tired of the chain’s deviant ads. A survey by the Ameritest company found that 52% of viewers found Carl’s Jr.’s ad offensive, while almost as many said it was “irritating and annoying.” Further, 32% said they felt negatively toward the chain after watching the ad, while only 27% said they would visit Carl’s Jr. in the future. (Typically, after seeing an ad for fast food, almost 50% say they plan to go to the restaurant.) This proves what the PTC has always maintained: sex DOESN’T sell. Instead, with its commercials that degrade and sexualize women, Carl’s Jr. is actually driving customers away.

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