Carol Burnett: Comedy Today "Like a Locker Room"

Written by PTC | Published February 1, 2016

Carol Burnett SoA One of TV's greatest comics takes a dim view of the state of current TV comedy. Carol Burnett is a television legend. For eleven seasons, she brought laughter, music, and incredible talent into every living room on Saturday night. The Carol Burnett Show won 25 Emmy Awards, and was nominated for 70 more. Last week, Ms. Burnett was honored by her showbiz compatriots with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild. The PTC adds its congratulations, and thanks her for all the joy she brought into our lives. Especially in the “comedy” landscape that dominates today, it’s notable that Ms. Burnett and her co-stars (including PTC Advisory Board member Tim Conway) achieved such success with comedy that was squeaky clean and could be enjoyed by the entire family. The comedienne herself commented on this in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Noting that on TV today she misses “a good ol’ belly laugh,” she said “I am kind of bored of producers saying, ‘It's got to be edgy’...I think some of the writing isn't good anymore. Now sitcoms sound like they've been written by teenage boys in a locker room.” The PTC certainly agrees with Carol Burnett’s sentiments…and wishes more people in Hollywood today did the same.

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