Character Drama Hits the Right Frequency

Written by PTC | Published September 11, 2016

Frequency A family-centered police drama tinged with science-fiction. Police detective Raimy Sullivan has bitter memories of her father Frank, whom she believes was a “dirty cop,” abandoned their family, and was killed in a corrupt drug deal when she was eight years old. But then, her father’s old ham radio set begins working again, and Raimy finds that now, in 2016, she is able to communicate with her father in 1996. Learning that her father was a good man who was set up, Raimy urges him to take precautions at the meet, and history changes so that her father survived – but her mother was murdered by a serial killer. Raimy remembers both pasts…and must face the fact that any further changes she makes to the past will affect her future. Frequency is an interesting character drama, which uses the standard trappings of police drama and a science-fiction twist to explore questions of family, decision, and conscience. The first episode featured frequent uses of language like “bitch” and “ass,” plus violence typical of police dramas like shootings, car crashes, and the like, though such was not excessive. The serial killer storyline has the potential for more graphic content, though none was on display in the first episode. Unlike CW’s other new series this season, No Tomorrow, which promotes acting without concern for possible consequences, Frequency is all about the consequences which can result from even one decision, and how they can affect the feelings and lives of others. If they are not put off by the mild science-fiction premise, Frequency is well worth the time of those who enjoy both police shows and character drama. Frequency premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET on CW.

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