Charles Manson Coming to NBC

Written by PTC | Published April 1, 2015 new "entertainment" series about the notorious murderer begins on NBC May 28. In recent years, serial killers have dominated television programming. From Showtime’s Dexter, to A&E’s Bates Motel, to prime-time broadcast series like Criminal Minds, Hannibal, and The Following, serial murderers and graphic gore have dominated the airwaves. And now, NBC is preparing to move from fictional criminals to glorifying a heinous real-life murderer for the purposes of “entertainment.” Premiering May 28, 2015, NBC’s new show Aquarius will feature a pair of detectives investigating missing persons and murder cases which will lead them to the killer: real-life convicted murderer Charles Manson. As the PTC previously reported, NBC’s top brass are rapturous in their praise for the series, and apparently see nothing wrong with exploiting the real-life crimes of one of America’s most infamous murderers purely for ratings. One can only wonder what the relatives of Manson’s victims will think of this show.

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