Comcast’s Cost to Consumers Skyrockets

Written by PTC | Published April 15, 2014

cableTVpricesComcast has raised its price for basic TV service 68% over the past four years – and now, the cable and internet wants to merge with its chief rival in the field, Time Warner Cable, thus creating an even bigger monopoly which will control 30% of the cable TV market nationwide. Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen claims customers will get "more choices and better prices" if Congress and the FCC allow the merger. But Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.), says the deal will result in “fewer choices and higher prices.” In a Senate hearing last week, Senator Franken also pointed out that, when Comcast urged the government to allow it to buy out broadcast and cable network NBCUniversal in 2010, Comcast said that Time Warner Cable would provide competition for Comcast, preventing a monopoly and keeping prices low. "Comcast can’t have it both ways," Franken said. "They can’t say the existence of competition was a reason to approve the NBC deal in 2010, then turn around and say the absence of competition with Time Warner Cable is a reason to approve this deal now." This is yet another reason that the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger should be opposed. Contact your senators and representative in Congress, and ask them to stand with Senator Franken in opposing a monopoly that will raise cable prices, destroy competition, and eliminate consumer choice. To find your senators, click here. To find your representative, click here.

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