Coming to Your TV: I Slept with a Celebrity

Written by PTC | Published June 4, 2014

So-called “reality” TV dating shows have typically been racy, from ABC’s (relatively) mild The Bachelor to MTV’s explicitly sexual Jersey Shore. But now, talk show host and former Bravo network executive Andy Cohen is planning a series that will take “explicit” to a whole new level. Cohen’s series, tentatively titled I Slept with a Celebrity, will be about precisely that, notes Variety. Each episode would focus on two guests who will discuss in graphic detail their sexual encounters with various celebrities, from “where they met and where they went to what they wore (or didn’t).” Cohen is currently offering the series to various networks, in hopes of finding a regular timeslot. Given the current state of television, there can be little doubt he will succeed...If the series is shown on broadcast TV, parents can look forward to it appearing on the public airwaves in front of their children. If not, then it will likely air on a basic or expanded basic cable network, thus forcing every cable and satellite subscriber in America to pay for it.

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