Costco Poll Shows Overwhelming Agreement on Ratings Reform

Written by PTC | Published April 2, 2014

In last month’s Costco Connection magazine, PTC president Tim Winter penned the “Yes” position in a debate asking “Should we rethink the ratings system for television and film?” As he skillfully put it, “it’s time for wholesale reform of the entire ratings system, and those whom the ratings are intended to serve – parents and families – must be given a seat at the table.” On the opposing side was Joan Graves of the Motion Picture Association of America, who rather bizarrely stated that the movie ratings system was “built to evolve over time” while simultaneously arguing against any would-be reform of the system. After both sides were presented, Costco hosted an online poll to allow members to weigh in on the question of whether it was time for ratings reform, and it seems very few people bought the industry line while agreeing that the time for reform is now.

Costco Poll

That's right - a whopping 97% agreed that it was time to rethink how we rate media. Now, to be sure, this is not a scientific poll, but the near-unanimity of opinion here is indicative of something powerful: parents and families know this issue because they live it every day. They know they're not getting reliable, accurate ratings information from the entertainment industry and that's why this poll is as lopsided as it is. The PTC's mission is to make sure parents and families have the critical information they need to make the best viewing decisions for their own families. Parents deserve an accurate, transparent, publicly accountable ratings system - and they don't have that now. Please join us as we continue to push for ratings reform.

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