Dove Channel's Frankly Faraci Wins PTC Seal of Approval

Written by PTC | Published March 16, 2017

Frankly Faraci This new series explores positive, uplifting people and performances in entertainment and culture. Frankly Faraci Network: Dove Channel Release Date: March 17, 2017 Recommended age: 7+ Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green “When I can come home and there are more programs for me to watch with my kids, more things in our culture that I want to share with them, which will bring good and value into our family, when I’ve done that, I will know I’ve done my job. What I want to discover is, what’s going on out there that’s good, all that’s positive. I want people to be inspired, and understand that there are other people out there that are doing great things, and that they can do them, too.” – Matthew Faraci Hosted by journalist Matthew Faraci, Frankly Faraci is an original series featuring behind-the-scenes interviews with inspirational figures in entertainment, music, sports, business, and politics who are actively focused on doing good and bringing positivity into the culture. For anyone who is looking to be uplifted and inspired, Frankly Faraci is a show with unique stories they won’t see anywhere else. Episodes already filmed will feature internationally-known musical group The Piano Guys; sketch comedy group Studio C; YouTube sensations Daniel and Lincoln Markham of What’s (In)side?; former NFL linebacker Bryan Schwartz and his wife Diane, founders of #FamilyGoals; hip-hop rtist Propaganda; and many more. The Dove Channel is a subscription-based service costing $4.99 per month, viewable across a broad spectrum of connected devices including Roku® Players and Roku TV™ models, Android and iOS, AppleTV, LeEco smart phones and TVs, the web, and other mobile and tablet devices, as well as Amazon Prime members, as part of Amazon’s new Streaming Partners Program. With a library of nearly 500 films and 900 television episodes, the Dove Channel ranks as one of the the largest faith-based & family-friendly content providers. Because of its educational, inspirational, and family-friendly values, the Parents Television Council is proud to award Frankly Faraci with the PTC Seal of Approval®. The PTC recommends this program for viewers over age seven. To learn more about Frankly Faraci, click here.

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