Family Feud Shows Decline in TV Standards

Written by PTC | Published February 29, 2016

For decades, Family Feud was an innocuous family-centered game show. But in recent years, the program has become larded with explicit sexual content, and provides a perfect example of what is wrong with TV today. From its beginning in the 1970s through the tenure of its first host, Richard Dawson, Family Feud was a relatively innocuous game show which could be enjoyed by the entire family. While Dawson’s habit of trying to kiss every woman contestant could be grating, and the host occasionally offered up a mildy salacious remark, on the whole the program was acceptable fare for families. How times have changed. As noted by an article on, “Family Feud has gone from being a wholesome game show you could turn on while the family had dinner, to something you definitely don’t want the kids watching.” As proof of this assertion, the article noted, last week current host Steve Harvey asked the question, “Besides ‘Hooters,’ what’s another word or words for ‘breasts’ that a bar might call itself?” The answers from the audience included “boobs,” “melons,” and other slang terms for the female anatomy. Those in charge of producing TV programming often deflect criticism by saying, “We’re only giving people what they want,” and “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” But it’s hard to believe anybody wants – or is watching – what Family Feud is offering families today.

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