Family-Friendly Shows Coming to Netflix

Written by PTC | Published January 5, 2016

The Internet streaming service is offering several new family-friendly options in 2016. With Sesame Street moving to HBO for the next 5 seasons, and cable subscriptions not getting any cheaper, many people are becoming “cord-cutters” -- bowing out of paying for cable or satellite TV, and instead streaming TV programming over the internet. From comedy to movies, to drama and documentaries, Netflix offers many options for a fraction of what cable costs. Additionally, Netflix offers parental controls to help ease the minds of worried parents. Netflix is “rebooting” several TV classics from the 1990s this year: The Magic School Bus Magic School BusA 13-episode season of Fuller House, a reboot of Full House Fuller House And (for the teen and college kids) Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls Netflix will also air a movie and a 12-episode original programming for kids called Ever After High, based on characters and concepts from toy-maker Mattel. Ever After High

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