Fox ADHD: Cartoon Rape for Kids!

Written by PTC | Published July 25, 2013

Rape. Cannibalism. Necrophilia. Decapitation. Vomit. Excrement. This is the content Fox is proudly promoting in its new ADHD programming block – using characters and theme songs beloved by children. ADHD begins airing in its regular timeslot this Saturday, July 27th at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT (10:00 p.m. Central/Mountain). The PTC has already documented some of the horrific content Fox has in store for viewers of its new programming block ADHD. Recently, the ADHD website featured another of its depraved cartoons – this one an alleged “parody” of the beloved Disney cartoon DuckTales. The entire video is accompanied by a song (lyrics in italics) set to the theme music from Disney’s DuckTales cartoon. In “Scientifically Accurate DuckTales,” viewers see and hear the following content: Did you know ducks are necrophiles? That’s duck science. An anthropomorphized cartoon duck dressed as a girl (sweater, bow on head) is run over by a car. Another cartoon duck reminiscent of Uncle Scrooge (wearing a top hat and coat) runs into the road and begins copulating with the dead female duck. A pair of teens hold a checklist reading “necrophile” and “rapist.” They don’t have sphincters, dump in piles That’s why ducks don’t buy pants. A huge river of excrement gushes out of a duck’s rear and splatters everywhere. (This duck is dressed as one of Donald Duck’s nephews – sweatshirts and baseball caps.) Another duck dressed as Donald Duck (sailor suit and hat) grins and waves its wings as excrement sprays from its rear. And we have to face this Male ducks are rapists! The Daisy-like duck lies on her bed. The Scrooge-like duck comes in and copulates with her. The song blares: “Male ducks are RAPISTS!” DuckTales! Whoo-hoo! Scientifically Accurate DuckTales. Whoo-hoo! Crazy pooping birds should go to duck jails. The Disney DuckTales logo is shown. Scrooge is imprisoned and menaced by a cigarette-smoking prisoner duck. Then there’s the whole pool of gold. Scrooge won’t write a check. And whether he was young or old If he dived in he’d break his neck. A gold pile looks neat, But it’s hard as concrete. The Scrooge-like duck leaps into his money bin and dies, it’s tongue hanging out. DuckTales! Whoo-hoo! Scientifically Accurate DuckTales. Whoo-hoo! Another male duck is shown copulating with a female as excrement shoots from its rear. Danger! Duck’s behind you If you’re a girl ducks will grind you. A human girl shrieks as a duck lands in her hair and humps her head. Also ducks are cannibals. DuckTales. Whoo-hoo! Have salmonella, H5 and bird flu! The Scrooge-like duck is shown eating a cooked duck. A man is shown eating duck, then sitting on a toilet. Green vomit sprays out of his mouth and covers the screen. Scientifically Accurate DuckTales. Whoo-hoo! A duck dressed as one of Donald’s nephews floats through space. His space helmet comes off, decapitating him. Blood gushes from his neck hole into the void. Last verse is on genitalia So stay in your places. A human girl runs from the axe-wielding Scrooge duck. Because ducks hump so much, Girl ducks have vagina mazes. To screw around this Ducks grew a corkscrew phallus! A cutaway diagram is shown of a female duck’s vagina, which resembles a maze. The Scrooge duck grows a long, corkscrew-shaped penis, which he plunges into the female. The three nephew ducks are shown waddling with corkscrew-shaped erections. DuckTales! Whoo-hoo! Disgusting crapping cannibalistic DuckTales. Penis in the shape of a corkscrew DuckTales! Excrement is shown spraying from another duck’s rear. The three nephews are shown eating the dead Scrooge’s innards, their beaks covered in blood, then sliding down a corkscrew-shaped slide – which ends up being Scrooge’s penis. The cartoon ends with a huge ad filling the screen: “Tune In 11 pm/10 c on FOX.” One has to wonder what kind of mind takes delight in trashing symbols of childhood innocence; but such content is par for the course on Fox – as witness Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy and other cartoons. It is no coincidence that Fox is introducing this programming in the summer, when children are off school and permitted to stay up later. Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly has already declared his intention to push this programming at children: “I see this as a seeding ground for prime time. I would like to grow the next Family Guy out of that period…I'm hoping a few rise to the surface that can graduate to Sundays." Just a few weeks ago, Fox publicly urged the FCC “to conclude it is legally required and logically bound to cease attempting broadcast indecency limits once and for all.” A year earlier, arguing before the Supreme Court, a Fox attorney assured the justices that the decency standard was not necessary, in essence, telling the justices, “Trust us. Even if we could broadcast graphic and offensive material, we will not, because we could never sell it to sponsors.” It is now abundantly clear that such trust would be misplaced. The PTC will be keeping a careful eye on the content Fox airs, and will be in touch with the companies that sponsor ADHD, asking them if they want their hard-earned brand names and reputations associated with such content – and want to be responsible for helping push it at children.

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