Fox Broadcasting Attacks Americans’ Rights

Written by PTC | Published February 19, 2014

The Fox Broadcasting network – the same company that told the Federal Communications Commission to “cease attempting broadcast indecency limits once and for all” last year – is now claiming that half a million indecency complaints Americans have filed should be ignored…because 16 were defective.ratingscreep1 Fox doesn’t try to defend its foul programming, like the November 10th episode of ‘Family Guy’ that contained explicit jokes about rape, molestation and sexual exploitation of children – and which the network rated as appropriate for young teens – because Fox knows it’s indefensible. By making a fuss about the supposedly defective process used on a mere 16 FCC complaints, Fox is desperately trying to divert attention from the actual content of the shows that people are complaining about. Instead of obeying the law, fixing its programming, and actually showing something appropriate for children and families, Fox tells the FCC to ignore the hundreds of thousands of indecency complaints it has received by whining that a tiny number of them were defective. This is like a child rapist telling a judge he shouldn’t go to jail because a police officer spelled his name wrong on the arrest report. Fox thinks it has a “right” to show rape, child molestation, and other indecent content in front of children. The FCC, Congress, and the Supreme Court disagree. Fox also thinks the American people shouldn’t have the First Amendment right to complain about what Fox shows, or to “petition the government for a redress of grievances” by asking the FCC to enforce the law. The FCC, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution disagree. The bottom line is, there’s only one question before the FCC: whether the material broadcast by Fox and other networks violated federal broadcast decency law – period.

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