Fox Broadcasting Hops into Producing X-Rated Animated Cartoon

Written by PTC | Published April 16, 2014

It’s a sad day for the American entertainment industry, and especially for the FOX broadcasting network. ADHD bunny Here at the PTC, we monitor all prime time broadcast TV programs and quite a bit of cable in order to fulfill our mission to educate parents and families about what to expect when they turn on their televisions. But, perhaps nothing has ever been produced by a mainstream, commercial television network that rivals the latest clip from Fox’s “Animation Domination – ADHD” block. This isn’t the first time this ghastly project has gotten our attention, but the latest is so beyond the pale it’s difficult to even describe, so I’ll let PTC president Tim Winter do so from our just-released statement:
“The animated Easter Bunny clip, which runs 2 minutes and 19 seconds in duration, features over a dozen unbleeped ‘f-words;’ depictions of dozens of fornicating rabbits; more than a dozen instances of a vulgar slang term for ejaculation; a depiction of a male character eating rabbit feces; and music lyrics that are grotesquely sexualizing and misogynistic. An overt reference to Christians and Jews only adds to the offensive nature of a video being promoted during Holy Week and Passover.”
This is uncharted territory, even among some of the lows we’ve seen out of the networks over the years. It’s essentially the production and distribution of what amounts to “X-rated” programming by a mainline commercial broadcast network. Fox broadcast network must take down this vile, grossly offensive video immediately, and for the sake of our children it must never go down this road again. At the same time, Target is currently sponsoring many of the short videos on the ADHD website – so they’re enabling the network to produce, distribute and market this material to your family. If you agree with me that sponsoring "ADHD" is not in either Target’s financial interest or your family’s, I hope you’ll join in in contacting the company here. To see the video for yourself (and be warned, it’s definitely not safe for work or your kids) you may do so here. UPDATE 10:20 AM ET, 4/14/14: It appears Fox has made the video "private" on YouTube. We'll have more information as it becomes available.

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