Fox Broadcasting Should Axe Explicit Cartoon From Primetime Lineup

Written by PTC | Published June 3, 2015

Golan-the-Insatiable Last Sunday, Fox Broadcasting premiered its animated cartoon, Golan the Insatiable, and by doing so, exposed nearly a half a million children to very explicit content. As such, we are calling on Fox Broadcasting to move this cartoon out of primetime, and are asking advertisers to reconsider their sponsorship of this show. The May 31st premiere episode of the program featured explicit content including graphic violence, sex and profanity, and it aired as early as 8:30 pm in half of the country. In the episode, Golan talks about an orgy and then about executing other characters, the decapitated heads of whom are then shown. He also complains about painful urination after the orgy. Another character is implied to be “pleasuring herself” in a bathtub. Dylan, the 9-year-old girl character, fantasizes about bludgeoning her classmates, and later, the same classmates are shown to be brutally attacked by demons. Video clips from the show can be seen here. PTC President Tim Winter weighed in: “This past Sunday night, the Fox Broadcast Network cooked up a recipe that was toxic for children and families. Airing a cartoon on primetime broadcast television – especially a cartoon that featured child characters – was guaranteed to attract young viewers, and nearly half a million children tuned in. What they saw was ghastly. An explicit adult cartoon like Golan the Insatiable has no place airing at that time and place, and we are calling on the network to move the program out of primetime. “We are also asking all the advertisers of the program whether painful urination, orgies, graphic violence and other explicit content targeted at children on Golan the Insatiable accurately reflects their corporate brands. The influence on an audience – especially on an audience so heavily comprised of children – doesn’t stop when the commercial break is over and the program resumes. Responsible corporate advertisers must send a strong message to Fox Broadcasting and, more importantly, to the public, that they won’t use their media dollars to underwrite such explicit content.” What do you think? Should Fox Broadcasting continue to knowingly air explicit animated content during primetime? Leave your comments below.

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