Fox’s ADHD: It’s Not About the Money

Written by PTC | Published August 21, 2013

Fox’s disgusting new cartoon block ADHD is proving a costly failure for the network. Yet, Fox is continuing to air the sleazy cartoon show…because money isn’t really what the network’s bosses care about. Since its premiere at the end of July, Fox’s ADHD has blasted explicit sex, gory violence, and foul language at teenagers and even younger children. In the show’s second week, ADHD experienced a 100% increase in teen viewers…but more kids watching has not meant more money for Fox. After the first episode of ADHD aired, the PTC called out Extended Stay America, the show’s most prominent sponsor. While the hotel chain has made no announcement, their commercials have not appeared on ADHD in the last few weeks…meaning that they seem to have dropped off the show. Nor is Fox raking in money from other sponsors. The vast majority of commercials aired during ADHD are ads for theatrical movies (most made by Fox’s own movie division, 20th Century Fox) or upcoming TV shows. The few other ads are mostly for small, local businesses. This proves once again that in Hollywood, it ISN’T all about the money. Every year, the movies that do the best at the box office are overwhelmingly the family-friendly ones. Hollywood could make a lot more money if they gave audiences what they want – clean, safe entertainment the entire family can enjoy. But the so-called “creative” writers and artists in Hollywood are more interested in “pushing the envelope.” They seek to deliberately shock and desensitize audiences with ever-more graphic violence, explicit sex, foul language, and disgusting themes and imagery -- apparently under the delusion that only dark, pessimistic products which disturb audiences are worthy of being called “art.” And to Hollywood’s executives, nothing is more important than looking cool and cutting edge in front of their entertainment industry cronies…with TV’s viewers, especially impressionable children, caught in the crossfire. And now, Fox is using ADHD to push even more horrific content at children and teens…in the hopes that, if they get youngsters hooked today, it will be all the easier to move the show into prime time tomorrow, as Fox Chairman Kevin Reilly has said is his ultimate goal. Because at Fox – as in the rest of Hollywood – the negative effects programming may have on children doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they watch.

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