Fox’s The Mick: More Laughs From Sexual Abuse

Written by PTC | Published November 15, 2017

The Mick 2 The episode features sex with a 100 year-old lesbian. Apparently, Fox still hasn’t gotten the memo that the rest of Hollywood recently received: sexual abuse isn’t funny. Proving this is the Tuesday, November 14th episode of The Mick (9:00 p.m. ET). The episode featured blatant sexual references and implied nudity. In the episode’s story, while visiting their grandmother, the children’s senile great-grandmother mistakes Mickey for her past lesbian lover. Great-grandma Rita continuously makes suggestive remarks to Mickey, ending Rita waking Mickey up in the middle of the night by straddling her while in the nude: Rita: “Helen, take me just like you used to. Why won't you look at me? Look at me, Helen. I said, look at me!” Mickey: “Yeah, I see it. I see everything.” Rita: “If you're worried my hips can't take the workout, don't be.” Mickey: “That's not it, either. No, I'm sure you can go all night. What am I saying? Get off me. I gotta go. I'm sorry Rita, it's not you. It's, um…” Rita: “It's little Dippy isn't it?” Mickey: “Yeah! Yep, it's Dippy. That kid, always getting in the way.” Rita: “Forget him! You deserve so much more and I can give it to you.” Mickey: “I bet you could. I bet you could, and if he weren't in the picture, oh man, I would be all over that and those and even that thing.” Later, Mickey makes the situation clear: “Your great-grandmother tried to bone me. I had to sleep in my car just to get away from her. I woke up with a 100 year old boob in my face. That woman is a sexual predator. I'm supposed to have dinner with her tonight -- a dinner only I can assume comes with a whole lot of expectations.” And for a final filip, Jimmy adds: “It looks like you are raping my hundred year old mother-in-law.” But that’s not all! We also get to see teenage Sabrina sexually torturing an adult man bondage/dominatrix-style, by dripping hot candle wax on his bare chest while his wrists are tied to the foot of the bed. Yes, it’s fun for the whole family on Fox! How long do the makers of The Mick think their sick obsession with sex will be considered funny, now that America is aware of the true depths of perversion that have been common currency in Hollywood? Fox’s bosses figuring out that Americans are disturbed by sexual harassment, not amused by it, is long overdue – and can’t come soon enough.

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