Good for KSL!

Written by PTC | Published May 6, 2013

With TV networks constantly pumping ever-more explicit violence, nudity, and graphic sex over the publicly-owned airwaves, it is nice to find one TV station that still understands the concept of operating “in the public interest.” The management of Salt Lake City NBC affiliate KSL announced recently that they would no longer carry NBC’s horrific prime-time series about a cannibalistic serial killer, Hannibal– a program which is Misrated, and which the PTC has named the Worst TV Show of the Week. This isn’t the first time KSL has shown its courage in standing up to the Comcast-NBCUniversal behemoth. In fall of 2011, the station also refused to air the sleazy, pro-pornography prime-time drama The Playboy Club, which NBC similarly tried to force into every home in America – using the airwaves the American people own. Now, KSL is refusing to promote Hannibal’s grotesque violence: “Due to the extensive graphic nature” of Hannibal, KSL said on its Facebook page, “after viewing the past few episodes, as well as receiving numerous complaints from viewers, KSL-TV will cancel the airing of the NBC show Hannibal on Thursday evenings.” Imagine that: a TV station, licensed by the government to operate “in the public interest,” that actually cares what its viewers say, considers “community standards,” and does something about them. What a pity more TV stations fail to do the same.

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