Great News - INSP Reinstated on DirecTV!

Written by PTC | Published July 22, 2014

We are very pleased to report that as of yesterday, INSP network, a PTC Seal of Approval recipient and “home to millions of AmericansINSP who cherish and embrace positive entertainment,” has been reinstated on DirecTV! You may recall that back in January, DirecTV dropped INSP while cynically claiming it was INSP’s doing. The reality was much more complicated, and as is too often the case, consumers and families were deprived of the programming they wanted to see while corporate differences were settled. Ultimately, it took a lot of families speaking out to get DirecTV to reverse its decision which resulted in Congress getting involved to discuss the situation. Once again, your voices were heard and we are pleased with DirecTV’s decision. Parents and families with DirecTV subscriptions will no doubt welcome having INSP’s programming once again available to them. You can read INSP’s statement here.

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