Hollywood: Censorship Is Fine...When We Say So

Written by PTC | Published April 1, 2016

Hollywood opposes censorship -- except when they do it themselves. Last weekend, actor Robert De Niro, founder of the Tribeca film festival, decided to pull a documentary about vaccination and autism from the festival, amid a storm of controversy over the film’s content. While the PTC takes no position on vaccination, the point is that, once again, we see that censorship is considered a good thing -- when those in Hollywood decide it is. Also notable is the fact that Hollywood acknowledges that presenting a particular perspective in the media can influence people so strongly that it not only leads to a change in behavior, it can even result in death (at least according to medical journalists). This stands as a clear refutation of what Hollywood frequently says about the PTC’s core concerns. Obviously, Hollywood understands that it’s NOT “just a TV show” or movie…and that what people see in the media DOES influence their behavior.

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