How to Be a PTC Activist

Written by PTC | Published January 13, 2016

bethedifference Here are some ways parents and other concerned citizens can help protect children by fighting the graphic and gratuitous violence, sex, and profanity that dominates TV and media today. Know the Issues Understanding the issues surrounding children and media, and the PTC’s campaigns set up to deal with them, is the first step in taking effective action. Articles on Ratings Reform, Advertiser Accountability, Media Violence, Broadcast Decency, Cable Choice, and our 4 Every Girl campaign to protect girls from sexualization can be found on the PTC’s website. You can also subscribe to the semi-annual newsletter, the PTC Insider, for more information about the PTC’s campaigns. Spread the Word You can help spread the word about the PTC battle to protect children with just a few simple steps: Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Explore us on Pinterest. Check out our videos on Vimeo. And don’t forget to sign up for PTC E-Alerts. (You'll also receive the PTC's Weekly Wrap , an email newsletter that includes breaking news, television picks for the week, and much more.) File an FCC Complaint Indecent programming is illegal during hours when children may be watching. It is the job of the Federal Communications Commission to uphold the law. As an American citizen, it is your right to demand action from your government, and insist that it uphold the law. If you see something on broadcast television which violates your sense of community standards, file a complaint with the FCC. Hold Sponsors Accountable TV is funded by commercials, which are bought by private corporations. These corporations care about their image and want their advertising to connect positively with viewers, not alienate them. The PTC has seen networks drop offensive programming, because sponsorship dried up…and that happened because viewers complained to the sponsors. Advertisers do listen to consumers -- and the networks listen to the corporations they depend on for advertising dollars. Contact information for many advertisers can be found here. Write to the TV Networks Like cigarette companies, TV networks are responsible for the products they are pushing at children. They will continue airing harmful, violent, sexual, and offensive shows when kids are watching -- unless American citizens take a stand and say, “Not on the airwaves the American people own!” It’s also good to contact the networks to applaud them when they air family-friendly shows. By showing support for wholesome programming and protesting offensive shows, viewers can influence the networks to air better programs. Contact information for each network can be found here. Contact Congress Congress represents the American people in government, and holds the ultimate decision-making power when it comes to the media. Congress can reform the ratings system, give subscribers cable choice, and require the FCC to enforce broadcast decency laws. Urge your Senators and Congressmen to use their legislative power to protect children and act in the best interests of families and consumers. Contact your senators here. Contact your representative here. Financial contribution The Parents Television Council is a non-partisan, non-profit organization. We do not accept money from the government or solicit donations from the entertainment industry. We are supported solely by individuals, organizations, and foundations which share our concern for protecting children from offensive media content. To assist the PTC financially, click here.

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