In This City, the Law Is No Bluff

Written by PTC | Published September 6, 2019

Bluff City Law Bluff City Law is a standard legal drama with a family twist. Sydney Strait is an ace attorney, frustrated that most people only see her as the daughter of legendary Memphis civil rights lawyer Elijah Strait. When Sydney’s beloved mother (and Elijah’s wife) dies, Elijah invites Sydney to rejoin his law firm. Overcoming their estrangement will not be easy; Elijah’s past infidelities to his wife and cruel treatment of his daughter stand in the way, and his slow, patient, and conservative approach to law is challenged by Sydney’s hot-blooded passion and quick temper. But with the help of fellow lawyers Anthony, Della, and Jake (who has an eye for Sydney), Elijah believes that the father-daughter team will be able to change the world. The first episode of Bluff City Law contained little offensive material: only a few swear words, a couple mentions of Elijah’s past affairs, and a deposition taken from a client referencing prostitutes and sexually-transmitted diseases. For viewers interested in legal drama with a bit of family conflict and romantic tension, the program offers those elements, in a remarkably clean and family-friendly fashion Bluff City Law premieres Monday, September 23rd at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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