INSP's The Cowboy Way Wins PTC Seal of Approval

Written by PTC | Published August 5, 2017

TheCowboyWay A reality show that celebrates strong men with traditional values. Network: INSP Airdate: Saturday, August 12, 6:00 p.m. ET Recommended age: 5+ Overall PTC Traffic Light Rating: Green SOACody Harris, Bubba Thompson, and “Booger” Brown are modern-day cowboys: men who make a living riding horses and herding cattle. Each man also has a side business: Cody, a former champion roper, has started his own travelling rodeo; Booger breaks horses and teaches youngsters how to ride; and Bubba is attempting to start a business manufacturing grills and smokers with his father-in-law. But each man has worries and concerns, as well: both Bubba and Cody are expectant fathers, and Cody is concerned with building a new house for his family, while Bubba worries about income, and Booger seeks the right woman with whom to begin his life. But throughout, the three men’s friendship and their faith in God brings them through their trials and helps them see the joys of life. The Cowboy Way: Alabama contains almost no problematic content. During a scene at a “diapering class,” Booger makes a mildly suggestive remark, and watching a rodeo he lets slip a single “damn.” But overall, the cowboys, their wives, and their acquainances go out of their way to avoid profanity or risque humor. The program emphasized traditional American values like hard work, outdoor life, respect for nature, public service, and tradition, and personal faith in God. When facing difficult decisions, Bubba and Cody frequently refer to their recourse to personal prayer, while Cody’s mentor Rick is quick to calm Cody’s fears by telling him, “I think you’re right where the Lord wants you to be. You just have faith, and it will all work out.” A reality show that offers a look at a not-always glamorous but always honorable life, and the admirable men and women who live it, The Cowboy Way: Alabama has been awarded the PTC Seal of Approval. The PTC recommends this program for all viewers over age five. To learn more about The Cowboy Way: Alabama, click here. To find INSP on your TV, click here.

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