Is This Netflix Cartoon Illegal?

Written by PTC | Published April 9, 2021

Children Are Watching it on Demand!


Netflix needs to be hit and HIT HARD for airing a pornographic cartoon series called Big Mouth. It is the most utterly sickening “entertainment” I’ve seen in my 40 years in this industry—and dangerous to the millions of children who view it or the adults who may be encouraged to act-out because of it.

That’s why I’m asking you to immediately sign the enclosed PETITION to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, demanding that he investigate Big Mouth and take action against Netflix.

Why do I say Big Mouth is the vilest thing I’ve seen in 40 years of working in Hollywood—and probably the most dangerous? First, it’s a cartoon. This attracts naïve, impressionable children. It also disarms parents, who are more apt to let their kids watch a cartoon. “How bad could a cartoon be?” they will think.

Big Mouth is mental poison, and it is potentially fuel for child predators.

The plots in Big Mouth center around middle-school children entering puberty. The first five minutes of the very first episode show a close-up of a 13-year-old boy’s private parts. Another episode shows a girl talking to her private parts. Another episode shows an adult male’s private parts and a monster who shouts to accomplices, “Hold him [a young boy] down and jam it [another male’s private part] in his mouth!”

But the scene that left me truly speechless was one in which a child offers to perform a sex act on his own father. The viewer is supposed to laugh at that scene!

We need to make the new U.S. Attorney General and his staff aware of this and urge them to act. So please take action today. And when you sign your petition, please also consider making a gift to help the PTC research and communicate the evidence that can bring Big Mouth and other shows like it to a halt.

For 25 years, PTC has been so successful because we record and document dangerous and often illegal content that otherwise will not be exposed and stopped. Nobody else can do that. We have the data, the evidence, to reveal damaging TV and media in a way that convinces parents, politicians, sponsors, investors, even some Hollywood executives. It also sets up the next steps to be taken to combat harmful programs like Big Mouth.

That’s because PTC aggressively and professionally shares our research to rescue children and change the industry. It can take time, but it works. We’ve proved it for decades. We use it to warn parents who can protect their children. We use it to exert economic pressure on “Big Hollywood.”

We are communicating with members of Congress from both major parties to combat harmful programs on streaming media platforms like Netflix.

But we must apply legal pressure, which is what our PETITION to Attorney General Garland will do—and why we need every PTC Member like you to sign it! In this case, we believe laws against child porn are on our side. I believe Big Mouth checks the boxes defining “child pornography.”

But this mission can be expensive. So PTC needs members like you to step forward right now. We have such a great opportunity right now—a unique window because of an incoming attorney general and because Netflix is on the defensive as we expose them.

Please, let me hear from you. We can’t leave our children defenseless against the Big Mouth monster. Thank you in advance for your immediate response.

My PETITION and Donation to Stop Bigmouth

Take Action. Stay Informed.