John Stamos Is Grandfathered Into a Sitcom

Written by PTC | Published September 16, 2015

Grandfathered1 The former Full House star confronts middle age. Successful, high-end restauranteur Jimmy Martino is a confirmed bachelor, happy to be dating girls half his age, until he meets Gerald, the son he never knew he fathered…and Gerald’s baby girl Edie. Suddenly, Jimmy realizes what he’s been missing his whole life: family. But, confronted with Sarah, the woman he dumped decades ago and left with his child, and Edie’s wacky mother Vanessa, can the shallow, self-centered Jimmy make his dysfunctional new family – and being a grandfather – work? Grandfathered is a sweet-natured sitcom which contrasts the utter narcissism and vapidity of Jimmy’s life with the more meaningful but less convenient realities of grandfatherhood and family life. Potentially harmful content on the program is limited: a muted f-word when Jimmy learns he is a grandfather; a couple uses of “bastard” and similar language; and a rather unorthodox use for a meat thermometer when Edie has a fever. Through it all, though, Jimmy does strive to change, and to live up to the responsibilities he abandoned long ago. Grandfathered premieres Tuesday, September 29th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Fox.

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