Majority of Americans Want Cable Choice, Says New Poll

Written by PTC | Published May 11, 2015

Needlenose Pliers Holding a Piece of Wire There’s more good news to report on the Cable Choice front. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll released late last week confirms that “77 percent of U.S. adults said they would like ‘a la carte’ pricing’ which would allow consumers to pick their own channels.” Click here to read the full story. This confirms what we already know to be true: Cable Choice is a winning solution for cable consumers, and especially for families who may not want to pay for TV networks that host shows like “Dating Naked,” or “Seven Year Switch,” in order to get access to the Disney Channel or the Food Network. Reuters explains more:
“Media companies and distributors that provide satellite, broadband and cable services are struggling to find ways to keep viewers from ditching traditional subscriptions and attract a younger generation, which sees less need for a cable subscription and watches on computers and mobile devices.”
We have heard from many families, including members of the Parents Television Council, that they are also “cutting the cord” on their cable subscriptions. In a recent op-ed at, PTC Tim Winter writes, “But for some families that may not be the best solution for a variety of reasons. They may want to keep their cable subscriptions, but would prefer the ability to choose a smaller package of networks that they consider more family-friendly.” That’s where Cable Choice comes in, and it seems that Americans are seeing that as a real solution to avoid having to pay for unwanted cable networks. Hopefully, the cable networks will see that too.

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