More Proof Hollywood Doesn’t Get It

Written by PTC | Published January 21, 2014

Top Hollywood boss Harvey Weinstein is promoting his new TV series, one which he claims middle Americans will love…because it’s set in a trailer park.Duck Dynasty Longtime Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is infamous for bullying the Motion Picture Association of America into giving his f-bomb slathered movies a PG-13 rating, and for his history of anti-Catholic bigotry in a long string of movies he helped produce -- Priest (1994), The Butcher Boy (1997), Dogma (1999), The Magdalene Sisters (2002), 40 Days and 40 Nights (2002), and Philomena (2013). And now, Weinstein has declared that his new TV program will be every bit as much of a hit with middle America as Duck Dynasty. The name of that new show? “Trailer Park.” Of course. As has been pointed out previously, many average Americans loved Duck Dynasty because of the sincerity of its characters. Eccentric, the Robertson family definitely is; yet they’re also genuine, firm in their faith, and loyal to their family. By contrast, Trailer Park is a cynical exercise in exploitation. As is typical of the Hollywood crowd, it is clear Weinstein saw Duck Dynasty’s ratings and said, “Those dumb hicks in flyover land sure like shows about rednecks. Well, I’LL give ‘em rednecks like they’ve never seen!” In the news article announcing Trailer Park, it was obvious that the sincerity and genuine quirkiness of the Robertson family was completely lost on Weinstein, who views the program solely through the lens of how much money it can make him. Do these sound like the words of a producer with genuine affection for his show’s subject, and an interest in what motivates his audience to watch? “I think given the time it could be in the Duck Dynasty range. A couple seasons more of people talking about it, I really think it has that kind of potential…We really want to get to the numbers that really warrant a spinoff show.” Duck Dynasty is successful, so a Hollywood boss looks for a way to rip it off; but the imitation will contain none of the sincerity of the original. Just as we predicted. Weinstein believes that Trailer Park will be a runaway hit. Why? Because it will be filmed in Los Angeles. In Weinstein’s mind (and that of most of Hollywood’s so-called “creative” elite), EVERY American is secretly jealous of their betters who live in Los Angeles. Because everyone knows that the media elite living in El Lay are oh, so much more “sophisticated” than those morons in middle America. Weinstein admits as much when he sneers of his show, “I think a more sophisticated audience appreciated the comedy of it all.” In short: the millions of average Americans who enjoyed Duck Dynasty‘s quirky humor and genuine, sincere faith-and-family emphasis? Dumb rubes. Hollywood types who enjoy laughing at such people? “More sophisticated.” Weinstein’s new show, and his attitude toward it, reveal the absolute, unmitigated arrogance of the self-proclaimed Hollywood elite. This is how those in Hollywood see the world: there are the unsophisticated, sub-literate idiots who populate most of America; and then there are the enlightened elite, people exactly like Harvey Weinstein, who make millions of dollars off movies loaded with non-stop f-bombs, explicit sex, and ultra-graphic violence (while condemning duck hunters and other Americans for owning guns). Then the members of this enlightened elite demonstrate their “tolerance” and commitment to “diversity” by making TV programs that mock and trash everyone who is different from them. How “sophisticated.”

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