More TV for Family Viewers on the Way?

Written by PTC | Published November 9, 2016

Family-TV-620x480 In recent decades, TV programming has been aimed almost exclusively at young singles. But one journalist thinks this may begin to change. Up to the mid-1980s, prime-time broadcast TV was largely devoted to programming intended for the entire family; but thereafter, it became increasingly focused on sex comedies aimed at a younger audience. This happened because Nielsen changed the way it measured viewership in 1986, and advertisers wanted to pursue the 18-49 “youth” demographic, which they believed was more malleable and responsive to their ads. The result for viewers was more comedies centering on young singles pursuing sex, and less programming with appeal to other groups. But now, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Scott Collins, the pendulum may be swinging back toward more diverse programming with an appeal for viewers of different ages. To read more about this story, click here.

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