Move Out of 9JKL – Fast! (CBS)

Written by PTC | Published September 13, 2017

9JKL This crude “family comedy” combines toilet humor with tired Jewish schtick. A young man has recently been divorced and lost his job, forcing him to move into an apartment (9K) between those of his parents (9J) and his brother (9L). That’s the setup. Now, here are a few samples of what passes for humor on this alleged “comedy:”
  • Mother remarks on the toilets in her son’s apartment. Mother: “The toilets have that water that shoots up. If you aim right it gives your business a jizz.”
  • The son protests his mother seeing him naked. Mother: “I gave birth to you. Those little balls have been inside me.”
  • The son is nervous about going on a date. Brother: “You haven’t gotten laid in ten months.” Father: “You haven’t had intercourse in TEN MONTHS? Things aren’t what they were, but Mommy and I still do it on Valentine’s Day. And each of your birthdays. Ever since I had that varicose vein removed from my testicle, I produce much more semen. But I’m glad intercourse is on the table for you.” [To Mother] “Did you know it’s been TEN MONTHS since he had intercourse?”
More such examples could be given, but it is not the goal of this review to nauseate readers. Well, nauseate them more. This review hasn’t used the names of the show’s characters. Why bother? They’re not really “characters” at all – just tired Jewish stereotypes, an excuse to rehash jokes about an interfering, nagging mother, a clueless but wealthy and well-connected father, and a complaining younger brother with an endless series of “Mom liked you better!” remarks. These Borscht-belt caricatures were ancient when Mel Brooks used them 50 years ago. Like 9JKL, Mel Brooks was also no stranger to sex talk, toilet humor, and profanity; but at least Mel Brooks would’ve found some twist to actually make them funny. 9JKL can’t even manage that, though the laugh track shrieks hysterically without pause throughout the show. Maybe CBS is trying to keep viewers from nodding off. If so, the network is doing viewers a disservice. A half-hour nap would be a better use of time than watching this crass, witless, and borderline anti-Semitic series. 9JKL premieres Monday, October 2 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS. Though why anyone would bother… Join Email List Paley

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