MTV Promotes Teens Making Sex Tapes

Written by PTC | Published June 17, 2013

“Getting famous is as easy as having sex and letting the cameras roll…When his longtime crush finally asked him out on a date, Zach Stone hatched a plan to cash in on his first time. Because who wouldn't want to see a sex movie starring an awkward virgin?” So says MTV. After deluging American teens with programs like The Real World, Skins,The Hard Times of RJ Berger, I Just Want My Pants Back, The Inbetweeners, Awkward, Jersey Shore, Snooki & JWoww, Girl Code, and literally dozens of others that glorify meaningless, promiscuous sex, it comes as no surprise that MTV was at it again on the May 23rd episode of Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. But MTV didn’t stop with urging teens to make their own sex tapes. In its blog post describing the episode, the network also mentioned how Zach “practiced penetration on [his] mother's stuffed ski suit,” and “studied the ins and outs of sex on his brother's iPad,” while his girlfriend Christy “pretended there was a risk her drug-dealing boyfriend would find out,” and “cultivated a compelling back story that includes tons of drugs and misguided city youth.” The sordid, sex-slathered network wrapped up its post by sneering, “Follow [these steps] and you'll have the Parents Television Council decrying your name in no time!” Of course MTV’s going to mock the PTC. After the millions of dollars in lost revenue and dropped series we’ve cost the network, it would be surprising if they DIDN’T hate us. But we don’t oppose MTV only because their programming is crass, heartless, brainless, and tasteless; we do so because we’re concerned about kids and teens. As we’ve mentioned before, MTV’s former Vice-President, David Janollari, plainly stated that MTV’s target “demographic” is 12-year-olds. With all too many kids already falling prey to peer pressure and the temptations of technology, and potentially ruining their reputations, futures, and lives with “sexting” and similar activities…do kids really need a TV network telling them that taking naked pictures of themselves is the way to get famous? And if they do make such a mistake, is MTV going to be there to help when their reputation is in tatters, and when teenage girls are possibly pregnant? No, MTV doesn’t care about kids. MTV only cares about kids’ money -- and it happily exploits young people’s inexperience, curiosity, and adolescent hormones to mislead them. Because however much they pitch themselves as being about teens, at MTV it’s all about the money.

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