MTV's Movie Profanity Awards

Written by PTC | Published April 12, 2016

MTV’s awards show was packed with foul language – but still rated appropriate for children. Every year, the Oscars present awards for films nobody has seen, but the presentation itself is usually the epitome of class. The MTV Movie Awards are more like the anti-Oscars: awarding movies everyone has seen, in a presentation with absolutely no class. This was demonstrated at the most recent version of the annual MTV Movie Awards. Airing on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. ET (in what used to be called the “Family Hour”), this “awards” show deluged viewers with literally non-stop profanity, to the point that the viewer heard almost as many “bleeps” as actual words spoken. And, of course, much of the dialogue was sexually explicit, as well. Here are just a few samples of dialogue from the show: Hosts Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart discuss the show. Kevin Hart: “I was putting my dick in cake, that's what I was doing back then. Matter of fact, hashtag dick in cake. Dick in cake is gonna trend tonight.” Dwayne Johnson: “Listen, this show isn't just about dick in cake or me and Kevin. It's gonna be more fantastic than dick in cake and us.” Dressed as Batman and Superman, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart mock the stars of Marvel’s superhero movies. Dwayne Johnson: “I smell a lot of Marvel bitches up in here.” Kevin Hart: “I smell all those Marvel bitches now.” Dwayne Johnson: “We will kick your ass right back to Asgard.” Kevin Hart: “I'll kick the ass out your guard, you stinky bitch.” Kevin Hart: “I scratch the (bleeped) s*** out of your face, Captain America. I'll make it black white and red. I'll (bleeped) s*** on it. I'll (bleeped) s*** on your face.” Dwayne Johnson: “We will smack your ass right back to sitcoms, bitch.” Kevin Hart: “I'll have a live studio audience all over your ass.” Dwayne Johnson: “You specifically told me back there that we're gonna (bleeped) f*** all the Marvel bitches up, especially the one with the eyepatch.” Kevin Hart: “(Bleeped) f*** you, Sam!” Kevin Hart: “Sam, you don't think I know you got a lazy eye up under that patch, bitch? Huh? You lazy-eyed patch bitch. I'll kick your ass. I'll get to work bat-flying all over your ass.” Samuel L. Jackson and Alexander Skarsgard banter about movies. Jackson: "(Bleeped) f*** the police!" Skarsgard: "(Bleeped) f*** the First Order!" Jackson: "(Bleeped) f*** Ultron!" Skarsgard: "(Bleeped) f*** being trapped in anyone's shadow." Jackson: "(Bleeped) f*** that big ass dinosaur, man! And (bleeped) f*** how you're supposed to do a superhero movie." Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and others sing about the movie Revenant. Dwayne and Kevin: “And Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear, oh yeah, Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear. You always remember where you were when Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear. Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear. 'Cause Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear, oh yeah, Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear. You always remember where you were when Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear." Adam DeVine: “I was eating pizza while taking a bath when I heard he got (bleeped) f***ed by the bear.” Anthony Mackie: “I was playing Tom with Tom Hardy when Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear.” Rebel Wilson: “Ironically I was (bleeped) f***ing his bear when I heard he got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear.” Everyone: “You always remember where you were when Leo got (bleeped) f***ed by a bear.” Hart and Johnson discuss Hulk Hogan. Kevin Hart: “The only movie that made more money than that in one day was Hulk Hogan's sex tape…He hit her with the Hulkamaniac from the back.” Dwayne Johnson: “He put that 24 inch python to work.” Seth Rogan and Zack Efron discuss Rogan’s genitals. Seth Rogan: “Well, you know who you should be apologizing to is my testicles, because they've shrunk to essentially nothing.” Zack drops down to one knee and addresses Seth's crotch directly. Zack Efron: “Seth's testicles, I'm really, really, sorry.” Seth Rogan: “Well they don't forgive you Zachary. They will never forgive you.” Naturally, all this content was rated TV-14 – appropriate for young teen children. More than anything, this demonstrates just how far our media culture has sunk…and how desperately the TV Content Ratings System needs reform. Click here to learn more about PTC’s Ratings Reform campaign.

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