NBC’s Upcoming Good Girls Are Anything But

Written by PTC | Published January 22, 2018

The new series combines Desperate Housewives and Breaking Bad. NBC has vowed that its upcoming series Good Girls will be “edgy and dark.” The lead characters are three “desperate housewives” who, frustrated by the incompetent, untrustworthy, and unfaithful men in their lives rob a grocery store. They come away with much more money than they expected…but, after kicking the men out of their lives and using the money to make their lavish dreams come true, find themselves menaced by the criminal gang that was hiding their money at the store. Allegedly a comedy, the show’s trailer makes the program look like a gritty drama…if not an original one. Combining the premise of ABC’s Desperate Housewives (working women also frustrated by their circumstances and the terrible men in their lives) with AMC’s Breaking Bad (an average person wants money, does one criminal thing to get it, but is led deeper into a morass of crime and evil). According to Deadline: Hollywood, the show’s creator Jenna Bans “dismissed suggestions she had to make compromises on how edgy the show could be because the series lives on broadcast TV”…even though the law requires a certain level of decency on broadcast television. Allegedly, Good Girls “leans into the fun and the chemistry of these three women,” even as it shows them breaking the law, threatening others with guns, and stealing purely for their own selfish ends. “The audience has to decide,” says Bans. “We don’t put any moral judgment on it.” As far as the show’s title, star Christina Hendricks boasted to the press that “It’s a big middle finger to the phrase ‘good girls.’” A better description of the show’s attitude can scarcely be imagined. Good Girls premieres on NBC Monday, February 26th at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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